Golden Retriever Husky Mix Breed Information

Golden Retriever Husky Mix: Breed Information

While crossbreeding can often produce unexpected results, it can also work in one’s favor to make something that may turn out to be one of the best; several examples of this can be given, such as the German Shepherd and Golden retriever mix breed affectionately called ‘Golden Shepherd.’

This is but one example of a hybrid, for this article will be dealing with Golden Retriever Husky mix: breed information.

Siberian Husky and the Golden Retriever tend to be somewhat similar when it comes to their friendliness, but what about the traits of their breed? Let us learn more about this breed below!

Origins of the Golden Retriever Husky Mix Breed

The Goberian (Golden Retriever Husky mix) is a rather beautiful but resilient hybrid; this stems from their mixed lineage, which includes two intelligent and beautiful parents.

The first one is, of course, the Siberian Husky, a specific breed of dogs bred by the Chukchi, an indigenous group of people mainly located in Siberia to help with the transport of various goods; these dogs are more suited for strenuous activities in the snow whereas the second one is the Golden Retriever, a more general purpose kind of dog breed suited for various activities such as working as a guard dog, a rescue dog or as an emotional dog.

Originating in Scotland to retrieve or hunt down Waterfowls, the golden retrievers are now used for a primarily different purpose, which doesn’t include hunting. The mixed breed, Goberian, doesn’t seem to have a clear origin besides the fact that they possibly appeared during the 2000s.

The American Kennel Club does not yet recognize the Goberian (Golden Retriever Husky mix). However, it is still recognized as a designer dog by other clubs such as Designer Canine Registry (IDCR) or the Designer Dogs Kennel Club (DDKC). Check out this article about Golden Shepherd (Golden Retriever and German Shepherd mix).


The Goberian breed of dogs are medium-large in size and have a rather challenging exterior build befitting their breeding parents; their weight can often vary, from 45-90 pounds, and height ranging from 20-24 inches.

If you are looking for a dog who can show others not to mess with them, then the Golden Retriever Husky mix breed is precisely the sort to do that!


The Goberian, owing its origins to some of the best dog species, has an appearance that can make one marvel at amazement.

The Goberian may often have varying looks; some may look closer to a Siberian Husky with the coloring on their face, whereas some may look more like a golden retriever due to the droopy ears; this trait is present in all cases for the Goberians as a technicality.


The Golden Retriever Husky mix often comes in different colors for their coat colors, which may include black, white, gray, brown, or even cream. 

Although the Goberian breeds may often come in the color of their golden retriever side of the breeding parent, which is golden.

Another exciting part about the coat of a Goberian is that they have a double coat to help protect them further from extreme conditions of a season; At the same time, this might result in a lot of usually shedding; the genetic side of the Husky breed typically lessens this up immensely.

If one does experience an unusual amount of shedding from their Goberian, it would be time to start grooming them regularly.


The personality of a Goberian is something that truly does make this Golden Retriever Husky mix shine, for this breed is one of the most intelligent ones; while not as effective as the others, the Goberian still can act as a watchdog for many as strangers often alert a Goberian. This is mainly because they are still just as alert due to their Husky genetics!

In terms of activities and habits, a Goberian is more or less a breed that best prefers a wide and open space to walk in, hence keeping them locked up inside a small space can potentially result in disastrous consequences as they are generally known for doing such when left to their own devices and in relatively small rooms.

As they are a mixed breed consisting of the Siberian Husky, the Goberian prefers a more outdoor life and enjoys going out in the open whenever possible, doing various exercises, playing catch with the owner, or hiking actively.

In basic terms, a golden retriever Husky mix inherits the outgoing, energetic, and protective traits from the Siberian Husky side, whereas the friendly and affectionate personality. If you want to keep your Goberian engaged, then getting them out for a regular walk in the park will be a good idea as more crowds will keep them company and happy.


Generally, a Golden Retriever Husky mix breed is expected to live for at least 10-15 years, depending on their health and whether they are afflicted with a disease, along with getting proper nutrition through a good diet.


While the Golden Retriever Husky mix breed doesn’t have any particular health problems that might arise in their respective parents, they still are prone to it. The Golden Retriever Husky mix still can also experience other health problems or disorders that an average dog does, such as:

  • Joint or Hip Dysplasia: As Hip or other forms of dysplasia are relatively joint in golden retrievers or the Siberian Husky, it is a given fact that a Goberian might get this. The condition is slow acting but can eventually cause lameness to develop.
  • Cancers: The Goberian might, unfortunately, become victim to some forms of cancer such as Lymphoma due to how the golden retriever parent side can acquire this form of cancer.
  • Eye problems: They may experience eye problems such as Cataracts which will require surgery; signs of Cataracts can be identified if your dog shows clumsiness and bumps up into objects that should otherwise be avoidable.
  • Canine Bloat: Gastric Dilatation Volvulus (Canine Bloat) is one of the most common dog diseases that any breed can acquire due to extremely fast sucking of air, this condition results in a dog’s stomach being filled with gas or other sorts of air and twisting as a result.

If not treated in time, this condition can even turn fatal.

While these are some of the diseases a Goberian may potentially acquire, they can still be prevented if the owner keeps a strict diet regimen and makes sure to get the Goberian a good animal vet check-up every month or two.

They May Not Feel So Well In The Summer Season.

As Golden Retriever Husky mix usually has a double coat to keep them warm in a highly snowy climate, it can act as a deterrent for them if they happen to be in an environment where the weather is relatively warm; hence hot weather for them can be a terrible experience.

Therefore, it is generally recommended to keep your Goberian in a place that has a cooler climate, or think twice before getting one if your environment happens to be warm for most of the year. If you do intend to keep one, make sure to keep your home cool and avoid temperatures that are above 20ºC.

Also, make sure to keep your Goberian as hydrated as possible as they will be prone to suffering from dehydration in the summer season; specifically, make sure to keep the water bowl filled at all times. This golden retriever Husky mix sure can be cold-blooded!


The Golden Retriever Husky mix can have a more significant diet requirement thanks to their mix breed genetics; in fact, a Goberian requires around 1,500 calories per day, which can be a massive requirement for an owner to fulfill. 

To ensure that a Goberian receives the much-needed nutrition, feed them at least 2½ or 3 cups of high-quality dog kibble or other sorts of food daily, and ensure that most of them are dry foods. Dog kibbles from Purina can be particularly good for this type of need as they contain at least 26% protein and 16% fat content.

Make sure not to overfeed them any food, whether dry dog kibble or canned food, as the Golden Retriever Husky mix, is often known to consume them with vigor.

Besides this, it will also be a good idea to consult your animal veterinarian as they can figure out more effectively what sort of needs your Goberian might require and how much exactly you should feed them without adverse side effects.


As said earlier, since the Golden Retriever Husky mix barely sheds, grooming is generally not as needed as it might be for other breeds of dogs. But proper grooming once a week won’t hurt if you are looking to keep your Goberian’s shiny coat looking just as beautiful as it is.

It is also essential to make sure that you brush your Goberian’s teeth at least three times a week or more, especially if the Goberian happens to take a bite from a place where they are not supposed to, such as from a garbage dumpster.

Goberian Can Escape Easily

Believe it or not, even putting up high fences for a Golden Retriever Husky mix can be of little use if they decide to escape from a place. Since Goberians share their exquisite DNA with that of a Siberian Husky, who are known to be escape artists and can maneuver in extreme conditions, a Goberian can quickly figure out how to escape a tight spot regardless of traps or precautions.

The good part is that a Goberian won’t usually try this unless their environment is closed and they suffer from terrible separation anxiety from their owner.

Goberian Might Be Hard To Train

The Golden Retriever Husky mix is not particularly receptive to negative conditioning for bad behavior and may not respond well to punishment. Hence it is recommended to try and train them more patiently and to keep giving them positive conditioning by offering them rewards for every good behavior or success in training.

Otherwise, how a Goberian learns can also depend on whether they have acquired more traits from a Siberian Husky or a golden retriever; if they have inherited more from the former, then it will be much harder to train them effectively, but if they have inherited their traits from the latter, that being the golden retriever. They will be far easier to train effectively.

You can ensure that your Golden Retriever Husky mix is receiving proper training by making them do exercises such as cycling, jogging, or hiking up hills, even if you have the time for it. Else, just jogging with your Goberian can be enough to fulfill their physical needs for activity.


As with other hybrids of well-known dog breeds, the Golden Retriever Husky mix can undoubtedly present both the best sides of their parents and the rather unfortunate side. Unfortunately, this can be difficult to predict as genetics are often erratic and may present different results.

It is also essential to get the Goberian breed from a well-known Goberian breeder, which can be hard to find as many may not just be into making hybrids. But if you can find one, make sure to check up the Goberian for any health issues or other problems of some sort.

Otherwise, having a good but intelligent and dutiful partner to live with, especially in a snowy place, can be a good deal not worth skipping for, which applies to the Goberian hybrid!

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