Do Black Golden Retrievers Exist? Everything You Need to Know!

Do Black Golden Retrievers Exist? Everything You Need to Know!

While the world may have become predictable for those who lead a life of typical routine, the life of a pet owner can be full of surprises. From various dog breeds to different animals, there is nothing that may not surprise an owner. 

However, Black Golden Retrievers are something else entirely. At the same time, the standard norm for colour in a golden retriever is, of course, golden. Some variations, although extremely rare, can turn out to be black. But are they real?

This article will deal with what exactly is a Black golden retriever – everything you need to know about this specific breed of dog and their availability will be shown.

How Rare Is a Black Golden Retriever?

How rare is a black golden retriever? To be precise, many misconceptions about a breed of actual black-coloured golden retrievers might exist. However, that is not true. A black golden retriever alone doesn’t exist as their recessive genes (two “e” alleles) can’t allow a golden retriever to be born with black colour.

But even then, you can find some dogs who look like golden retrievers but in black colours, such as the rare but agile and excitable flat-coated retriever, but that is as far as you can go in terms of seeing the closest resemblance to a black golden retriever.

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What Kind of Dog Is Black but Looks Like a Golden Retriever?

What kind of dog looks like a black golden retriever? A few dogs may resemble golden retrievers, but in black colour; the ones most known for this are Flat-coated retrievers. These gundogs have some of the strongest resemblances to a golden retriever and can very well be mistaken for one.

However, the Newfoundland dog also comes on the list of dogs who look like black golden retrievers. However, they are bigger and generally have a thicker coat than a golden retriever. 

If you are looking for a dog that is highly similar to a black golden retriever in both looks and even breed, then the golden retriever and Labrador retriever mix might be the closest one that would come to a black golden retriever. But as said before, this is still not a purebred black golden retriever but is more or less a hybrid.

On a much lesser note, a golden retriever can also be mixed with a German shepherd to produce a black golden retriever and German shepherd mix, which may not be done as frequently and is relatively rare.

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What Is a Black Golden Retriever Mixed With?

To be precise, as black golden retrievers do not exist, they generally won’t be mixed with a breed to produce other black golden retriever mix breeds. However, a golden retriever and Labrador retriever can produce a mixed breed dog that looks remarkably similar to a golden retriever.

These dogs, also called “Goldador,” generally have some of the best traits of their parents and are efficient at their work. They can have different coat colours, including golden colours. However, what distinguishes them is, of course, their rare black colour. Therefore, if you are looking for a dog similar to a black golden retriever, a goldador might be it!

Does AKC Recognize Black Golden Retriever?

As black golden retrievers do not exist as purebred dogs, AKC doesn’t have the data to include black golden retrievers as a recognized dog breed. However, dogs that look like black golden retrievers come in AKC, including Flat-coated retrievers and Newfoundland dogs. Aside from that, while the goldador might be there, they are still not recognized by AKC since they are not an official breed and are a mixed breed of golden retriever and Labrador retriever.

Why Are Flat Coated Retrievers a Rare Dog Breed?

Why are flat-coated retrievers a rare dog breed? As these dogs generally have small amounts of the more it as compared to other dog breeds, along with being used primarily for hunting, these dogs are relatively rare and pricey for dog owners. 

It is because of their specific traits as hunting dogs and incredibly energetic that makes them stand out from other dogs of their size, which unfortunately has made them rare and costly on top of that.

What Are Black Retrievers Called?

Black retrievers, while not having names since they do not exist as singular purebred dogs, are still there if you are not looking specifically for a black golden retriever. This black retriever is, of course, called the “flat-coated retriever.” However, as stated before, this dog is heavily rare and can almost put a hole in your pocket if you decide to take care of it in the end.

What Is the Rarest Golden Retriever Color?

While a black golden retriever can’t exist, one might still wonder about what sort of colours besides golden could a golden retriever come in. A red golden retriever is probably the rarest colour you can find, as these golden retrievers generally do not come in such colours frequently.

Otherwise, golden retrievers mostly come around in golden colours that can be light or dull, depending on their nutrition and breed quality.


Despite the seemingly disappointing reveal of the fact that no actual black golden retriever exists as a breed, it can still be a consolation prize for many that dogs who look like black retrievers are there, such as flat-coated retrievers, Newfoundland dogs, or even mixed breeds of Labrador and golden retrievers. Aside from that, looking for purely a singular black golden retriever will be a fruitless effort.

Aside from that, if you have further questions regarding black golden retrievers and where they can be found, you may comment below your inquiries!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do black golden retrievers exist?

Black golden retrievers are a rare breed variation, but breed standards do not officially recognize them. Some argue that they are a dark-coated variation of the traditional golden retriever, while others claim they are a separate breed. Despite the debate, black golden retrievers are still beloved by many as loyal and affectionate pets.

What makes a golden retriever black?

A black golden retriever is not a separate breed but rather a coat colour variation within the breed. The black coat colour is not considered a standard colour within the breed. The black colour is caused by melanin, a pigment that gives colour to the skin, hair, and eyes.

Are black golden retrievers purebred?

“Black Golden Retrievers” is a topic of much debate among breeders and pet owners. Some argue that the black colour results from crossbreeding, making them not purebred. Others argue that black is a recessive gene in the breed and can be present in purebred Golden Retrievers. Get the facts on this controversial topic.

What is the difference between black and golden retrievers?

Black and golden retrievers are two different variations of the same breed. The difference lies in their coat colour, with black retrievers having a solid black coat and golden retrievers having a golden or cream-coloured coat. Both breeds have similar characteristics, temperaments, and behaviours besides coat colour.

Are black golden retrievers rare than golden retrievers?

Black Golden Retrievers are not officially recognized as a separate breed. They are considered a colour variation of the Golden Retriever and are relatively rare compared to traditional Golden Retrievers. The black colouring is the result of a genetic mutation.

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