Golden Retriever Puppies for Sale Northern Ireland

Golden Retriever Puppies for Sale Northern Ireland

Golden Retriever puppies are often bundles of joys as they are naturally friendly and remain just so even after growing up, they remain just as joyful as they always are. Are you looking to adopt a beautiful Golden Retriever Puppies for Sale Northern Ireland? Then you are right; check this article for the 5 best Golden Retriever breeders in Northern Ireland.

In most cases, having a golden retriever as a pet can benefit a person if they are looking for a dog that remains friendly even to strangers and doesn’t jump at the sight of an unknown element at first glance.

Originating as a Waterfowl catcher, this breed is now used for other purposes such as being kept as domesticated pets or still being used for hunting waterfowl.

This article will look at some of the Golden retriever puppies for sale in Northern Ireland for those looking to get a golden retriever for a friendly pet.

Tips: If you are confused about adopting the characteristic Golden Retriever, you must visit The Golden Retriever Experience to spend some time with a bunch of Golden Retriever puppies. Seeing the behaviour and personality of multiple Golden Retrievers at a time can help you understand and make your adoption process simple.

What is a Golden Retriever?

Golden Retriever Puppies for Sale Northern Ireland

Among the most liked dogs across the globe are the good-natured Golden Retrievers. These are medium to large-sized dogs with strong body build and have gold colour as their trademark. The Golden Retrievers initially used to be popular as excellent Scottish hunting companions. Today, they are adored as great company dogs who are smart, loyal, and loving. Known as the ideal pet dog, they are known for being friendly towards children and other domesticated animals.

Why You Should Own a Golden Retriever

Although owning a Golden Retriever has a lot of advantages, it is always good to have one around in any family. Here are some of the advantages of having a Golden Retriever as a pet:

  • Loving and affectionate companionship: They are also associated with much love due to their warm, tender and gentle personality. Their best environment is being with people like their families because they love other people’s company. Therapy dogs are very kind and calm, which allows them to perfectly complement the family, especially in households with a child.
  • Intelligent and trainable: Golden Retrievers have been identified as having a high level of intelligence, easing their training. They want to make their masters happy, and therefore, they are able to learn very fast, adjusting to different learning techniques. There is hardly any command that you cannot teach your golden retriever. Moreover, they always give it their all when learning new tricks and showing how much they excel in obedience training.
  • Active and playful: Golden Retrievers are active dogs who need daily exercise in order to be a contented and healthy dog. Fetching, swimming as well as other outdoor sports such as are enjoyed by this kind of dog. They become the best partners to people who like exercising or families that love participating in various recreational activities. Exercise ensures they are in good tone and prevents such behavioural problems from accumulating energy.
  • Versatile working dogs: Besides being excellent family pets, they can be trained to perform different functions at work as well. These dogs are usually used in the roles of search and rescue dogs, therapy dogs, guide dogs for blind people, or assistance animals for persons with disabilities. They are intelligent, easily trainable, and have a calm temperament that makes them ideal for such vital jobs.

Golden Retriever Puppies for Sale Northern Ireland

In most cases, getting a Golden retriever puppy in Northern Ireland can be easy unless one is not affiliated as much with breeders of Northern Ireland; below are some of the breeders you may look into for buying a golden retriever puppy:

Bushbane kennels

Bushbane Kennels is a small but efficient golden retriever breeder in Northern Ireland. They are a pet supply store and offer other services such as grooming, including bathing, clipping and coat grooming, among others. Bushbane also offers a cattery for cats to stay in while an owner is away.

Bushbane also been a part of The Kennel Club Assured Breeder Scheme since 2008; this ensures that safe breeding practices are followed for dog breeds such as golden retrievers.

In simple terms, if this is your first time looking for golden retriever puppies for sale Northern Ireland, then Bushbane might be your good first choice! You may know more about how the breeder works on Bushbane.

If you are near Wales, check this article Golden Retriever Puppies for Sale Wales, to know the best breeder.

Rosegrove Golden Retrievers

While another relatively small golden retriever breeder, the breeder is another good choice for getting a golden retriever. Rosegrove typically breeds one litter a year, and all their dogs are BVA hip scored along with BVA eye tested to ensure that they are healthy and have no defects.

Suppose you are looking for a golden retriever breeder that is also friendly and takes great care of their puppies and dogs. In that case, Rosegrove Golden retrievers might be one of the picks of golden retriever puppies for sale Northern Ireland.

You may find out more about this small business at Rosegrove.


Freeads by itself is an advertisement site that can be best used for looking for various dog breeders or any other pet services. On this site, you can look for various golden retriever Breeders who, while they do not have well-established businesses, have healthy golden retriever puppies and may offer them at relatively reasonable prices.

You may also have a small talk with the breeder to ensure that they are viable breeders and not fraudulent practices. You may look for small-time breeders for golden retriever puppies for sale Northern Ireland at Freeads.

If you are near Wales, check this article Golden Retriever Puppies for Sale Devon, to know the best breeder.


Champdogs is a platform for various dog breeders, big or small, to advertise their dogs or puppies of any breed, such as golden retrievers.

Even golden retriever breeders such as Bushbane and Rosegrove typically advertise more about their services here. You may find other such businesses promoting their dogs and how well they are.

If you are looking for golden retriever puppies for sale Northern Ireland, then Champdogs should be on your priority list as they are many golden retriever breeders here for a look. You may check out more about Northern Ireland golden retriever breeders at Champdogs.


While not as prolific as Champdogs, Gumtree is still a good pet advertisement site on which you may look for various small-time golden retriever breeders located in Northern Ireland to get a quote on the prices of the golden retrievers along with how well the puppies are kept and whether you should get them or not.

Gumtree can be used to search for various golden retriever puppies for sale in Northern Ireland; the only thing one should be careful about is those with suspicious rates for golden retriever puppies and a history of spamming advertisements or bad advertisement reviews.

You may try some of the few listed above for buying a golden retriever puppy to keep as a pet.


Pet4homes is a widely recognized UK-based website matching pet owners with animal enthusiasts. This is a place where people buy and sell dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, small animals and so on. Other information includes tips on pet care, training, health, and behaviour. The company ensures that it offers responsible pet ownership by adhering to ethical breeding practices, thereby ensuring the safety of its pets until they get loving homes.


Preloved was started in 1998, and in less than 10 years of its creation, it grew into one of the most popular in the UK with millions of advertisements covering 500 categories in less than 10 years of its creation. It is because they really do sweat to provide their over 10 million members with a secure market system. What’s so special about Preloved? It’s simple. 

Listing is free at Preloved, and selling incurs no fees either. With as little as £5 a year, one can upgrade their account to enjoy additional benefits. They are an ideal option for hassle-free and cost-cutting while buying and selling secondhand items instead of auction sites. Buyers as well as sellers can use them. 

Either way, you will help Preloved in its vision of decreasing landfills. Animal care and welfare are something they consider vital. If you want to find a home for your pet or give a pet a home, go through their animal welfare page and get tips that can guide you in making the decision on rehoming animals. Every animal deserves his/her “forever home”.

Tips for Choosing a Reputable Golden Retriever Breeder

Golden Retriever Puppies for Sale Northern Ireland

During the search for a Golden Retriever puppy, one must select a reputable breeder to make sure they are receiving a healthy dog. Here are some tips to help you select a reputable Golden Retriever breeder:

  • Research and referrals: Begin looking for reliable breeders in your neighbourhood. Consult from reputable sources like local breed clubs, vets, or Goldens’ owners. In most cases, reputable breeders are viewed positively by other members of the dog world.
  • Visit the breeder’s facility: Visit the facility where these breeders stay to observe the condition under which these dogs are kept alive. It is essential to check on a good breeder as he will ensure he keeps his surroundings clean and in perfect health to enable him to care for his dogs properly and socially.
  • Health testing: Ask if the breeders subjected their pups to health testing. These include hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, and some eye problems among others, which have been reported frequently among golden retrievers.
  • Meet the parents: Ask them to accompany you and meet the puppy’s parents or at least the mother. It will enable you have a general impression about their behavior and health condition in general. The parents should present no problems for responsible breeders to allow you to interact with them.
  • Documentation and guarantees: Request to see such documents as health clearance copies, vaccination history, and anything else that is necessary. Breeders are reputable and will include a written health guarantee showing that their puppies have no genetic diseases.

How to Care for a Golden Retriever Puppy

Caring for a Golden Retriever pup takes attention, time, and commitment. Here are some essential tips to ensure your puppy grows into a healthy and happy adult:

  • Nutrition: The diet must be nutritionally complete and appropriate for feeding the puppy, preferably prepared for puppies. However, seek advice from a vet on the most suitable diet for your puppy. It depends on its age, weight, and the amount of exercise it gets.
  • Regular exercise: Golden Retriever puppies are full of energy, which needs to be spent frequently, or else they will become restless. Involve them in their developmental stages by participating in simple walks, playing, or engaging in interactive play. On the other hand, ensure that you do not subject the small puppies with developing joints to excess exercise.
  • Socialisation and training: Start socializing your Golden Retriever puppy early so that they become a well-balanced, confident adult. Introduce them to different kinds of people and animals, expose them to different environments, and then register for dog training sessions to get socialized at a very young age to promote healthy conduct and obedience. If you have a Cat like a Persian ensure the dogs is well behaving with the Cats.
  • Grooming: The Golden retrievers’ have a dense double coat, which needs frequent grooming to ensure their cleanliness and fitness. To avoid matting and eliminate stranded hairs, brush their coat at least once a month. Grooming also entails regular baths, nail trimming as well as dental hygiene.
  • Veterinary care: Ensure that your animals are regularly vaccinated, dewormed and checked by a vet. Your veterinarian will recommend that you spay/neuter your dog, and provide preventative measures such as flea and tick control. He or she will also advise you about the specific health issues that might affect a Golden Retriever.

When properly loved, fed, and cared for, your golden retriever puppy will become an important asset and valued part of your household that will fill you with joy every day over the years.

How Much Should I Spend on a Golden Retriever Puppy?

Golden Retriever Puppies for Sale Northern Ireland

While it might be easy to know about golden retriever puppies for sale in Northern Ireland, the expenses can be another thing.

Usually, a golden retriever puppy can be rather delicate to handle and may require a good amount of expenditure for their meal. Getting a golden retriever puppy may range from £1,600 or as low as £600.

This is dependent on whether you are getting a Pedigree dog from a reputable breeder or a dog from a small-time business. Some can even be £3,500 if you buy a golden retriever from an excellent quality golden retriever breeder.

Therefore, if you are planning to be cost-effective, it might be a good idea to buy from a golden retriever breeder that is not a big business.

On the other hand, taking care of a golden retriever can cost up to £4,500 or even £13,000 if your golden retriever is a particularly active sort of variety and needs to be fed more than a regular one courtesy of their energetic behaviour.

If you are near Wales, check this article, Golden Retriever Puppies for Sale Manchester, to know the best breeder.

Visit Golden Retriever Experience

Visiting a Golden Retriever experience before buying a Golden Retriever puppy can be incredibly beneficial for several reasons. They provide visitors with the opportunity to have a personal experience with a pack of trained Golden Retrievers. This experience is intend to give people a sense of what it’s like to have a Golder Retriever and understand their behaviour and characters.

  • Understanding the Breed: Golden Retrievers are famous for being warm-blooded and accommodative. They make decent family pets and can also deal well with strangers. Nonetheless, they are great-sized breeds that should get routine exercises for their body, mind and happiness. It is beneficial for potential dog owners to visit golden retrievers’ experience to understand the dog breed character and needs better.
  • Hands-On Experience: A simulation process where one feels what it entails to have contact with golden retrievers. Depending on your energy level and temperament, you may be able to tell if this is compatible with your life.
  • Learning About Puppy Care: The information derived from these experiences could also relate to how Goldies are cared for. First-time dog users find this quite productive.
  • Meeting Adult Dogs: Oh! They are cute little puppies, and they grow up fast. At the golden retriever experience, you can visit with and play with some adult dogs that provide an accurate picture of what to anticipate when your little guy matures.
  • Asking Questions: It presents an excellent chance to meet seasoned Golden Retriever parents and breeders who can help answer inquiries regarding this unique breed.

A word of caution: raising a dog is a long-time decision thus, ensure that it’s a golden retriever that suits you best.


A golden retriever, as has been said before, can be a great companion; they can be used as rescue dogs or support dogs for people with various disabilities such as blindness or physical disability.

If you are feeling particularly in a solemn mood, have depression or know someone with one, then getting them a golden retriever can be a great way to emotionally make them lighten up and feel better about life, along with having a good partner to play around with at times!

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  1. Hi ,I’m looking for a retired retriever to give a forever home ,i’ lost my retriever in May he was on librela injections for 2 years in end he could walk even out garden to go to toilet.,so I’m looking for 4 to 5 year old retriever who is house trained ,i’ will walk four times a day ,bottle water as tap water has to much chlorine in it so bottle water is safer ,cooked roast chicken mixed with hill dry dog food and the dog sleep in house and have the run run house.,my husband and i’ are both retired so plenty time to give to retriever, in n ireland ,can someone please have one ,please have have retriever that needs rehomeing, thank you my mobile is (removed) ,or home number (removed) thank you

    1. Hello Mrs. G Gibbons,

      Firstly, we are deeply sorry to hear about the loss of your retriever. It’s evident that you provided an extraordinarily loving and caring home for him, especially given the special attention and medical care he received during his time with you.

      We truly admire your dedication and love for golden retrievers, and your desire to give another retriever a forever home. Your commitment to their well-being, to providing quality food and bottled water, is heartwarming.

      We will certainly keep our ears open and spread your heartfelt message within the golden retriever community. Should we come across a retriever in need of a home that fits your loving environment, we will be sure to reach out to you directly. In the meantime, we recommend contacting local shelters and golden retriever rescue groups in Northern Ireland, as they often have dogs who are looking for homes as wonderful as yours.

      For safety reasons, we have removed your contact information from the public post, but rest assured, if a suitable retriever comes our way, we’ll privately connect you with the details.

      Thank you for reaching out to us, and we sincerely hope you find the perfect retriever to welcome into your loving home soon.

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