The Golden Retriever Experience 2022 review

The Golden Retriever Experience – Review 2022

Having a Golden Retriever is something special that only an owner can describe. Not everyone is blessed to have a dog in their home, but what if I tell you, you can have some Golden Retriever experience which you will never forget in your life. In this article we are going to review the Golden Retriever experience in full details.

Owning a dog is something special, but it does come with a responsibility, for various reasons so many dog lovers cannot afford a dog like a Golden Retriever on their home. If you are thinking to adopt one, you need to make sure you are able to fulfill all their needs. Dogs like Golden Retriever needs your care and attention all the time.

You never knew the joy and happiness can a dog bring to your family. Someone said “The best therapist has fur and four legs” yes, dogs like Golden Retriever are the best therapist to reduce your stress, and bring more happiness to your life.

The Golden Retriever Experience history

The Golden Retriever Experience is founded in 2017 by a father and daughter (Nicolas and Lauren). In 2006, they bought their first Golden Retriever named Bella, in 2008 Bella had her first litter of puppies.

Later on they started their own registered kennel named Bellauranah Golden Retrievers, until 2016 they were selling pedigree Golden Retriever puppies and keeping most of the puppies for themselves.

Having so much of experience and understanding of Golden Retrievers made them to start The Dog Whisperer UK. They started to share their experience with other dog owners to help them understand their dog psychological behavirour and how to train them.

Their pack of goldie started growing more and more which let them open a Golden Retriever’s paradise in Exmoor National Park. Later on The Golden Retriever Experience was born in 2017, which enables dog lovers around the UK to visit with their friends and family to encounter with a pack of trained Golden Retrievers.

How to book The Golden Retriever Experience

The Golden Retriever Experience has become more popular around the UK so that the booking on your favorite date and time can be tricky.

If you visit The Golden Retriever Experience website, you will find a floating BOOK NOW button on the left side of your browser. By clicking this button you will be given the option to book your time slot with multiple session option. At present you can book any available slot from April 2022 to October 2022.

The Golden Retriever Experience session timing

2 hours is the minimum session time slot available to book and 5 hours is the maximum time slot you can book for one person. But booking a 2 hour sessions will not be enough to play with the pack of Golden Retriever dogs. So, 2 hour session should be the last option you should choose.

The Golden Retriever Experience session pricing

(Infants under 2 Years FREE – Kids 2 – 12 Years Old)
(13 – 17 and 18+ with University Student Card)
(18+ Years Old)
(66+ Years Old)
Military Personnel & Partners
(All branches of HM Armed Forces and their partners!)

The Golden Retriever experience is the best place to visit to have some fun time with the pack of Golden Retrievers with your kids and family. If you are planning to adopt a Golden Retriever dog or puppy then visiting this will gives you more benefits. At the single place you can see the multiple characteristic of Golden Retriever dog and puppies.

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